The Crêpe Express is an extension of our physical restaurant where we serve our recognized brand of world fusion, made to order breakfast, lunch and dessert crêpes and wraps. Check our website to find our when our truck is near you.

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The Crêpe Bistro is a mobile crêpe bar for your home, neighborhood, park, office and any place where events are held. We provide the same quality of food and level of service as in our restaurant, just from a more compact table top set up.

Signature Menu

Taste our savory and sweet international recipes from over 80 variations of ”crêpes” from around the world. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert choices. We offer gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian options. Also available is a Kids Menu.

French Crêpe Menu

Savor celebrated traditional French recipes of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert crêpes and galettes

Traditional Menu

We also offer popular items for breakfast and lunch like bagels, muffins, waffles, pancakes, soups, salads, sandwiches, paninis, burgers, wraps and more. Ask us for our traditional options menu.


Conveniently on-site with your choice of:
• Preset menu, priced per item or per person
• All-you-can-eat options, priced per person
• Event service with set price
• Prepaid drop-off and delivery service
• Treat your clients to lunch

In 2013 we opened The Crêpe Bistro which was loved by locals and earned raving reviews in local and national publications for our culinary creativity and exploration of international cuisines. The unique presentation and inventive cooking techniques combined with the atmosphere of arts, music made The Crêpe Bistro a favorite place for locals.

A feature in the restaurant was Around the World Chef’s Table experience and in 2016 we created a catering and event company with the same name to expand the reach and meet the demand beyond the restaurant experience. We offer you a global journey of taste to make every event and occasion unforgettable. Healthy with attention to balanced nutrition,the freshest ingredients, local produce and custom menus created  for you will transport your senses around the world.


Cocktail hour
Sit-down classic
Buffet style
Mixed service
Mobile food truck
Live Exhibition cooking
Live Crêpe station
Chef’s Table style
Food Tasting and pairing style
Meal plan service
Drop off and delivery
Theme Party service
Event Planning and design
In-home private Chef
Cooking classes
Party rentals