The Crêpe allows you to enjoy made-to-order crêpes, while exploring the gourmet flavors and textures of foreign lands and cultures. Our artisanal selection of savory and sweet crêpes can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We prepare gourmet crêpes, each named for a country or a region and designed after the cuisine of that locale. 

And there is so much more at The Crêpe. We designed the space as a social destination, featuring live music with top players from UNLV’s jazz department, as well as Classical Music Sunday Brunch and Thursday night Argentine Tango, with dancing late into the evening. 

In addition, on Wednesdays, we feature local artists who bring their canvases to life before diners!

The Crêpe features weekly events, with something special always happening. Today starting at 6:00 PM is our Art Night. Tomorrow from 8:00 PM is Milonga Deliciosa. Please check our events page to see what is happening tonight! 

Our food



ITALY - cured prosciutto, eggs, Italian cheese, parsley, tomatoes, topped with pesto sauce.

Lunch & Dinner

SPAIN – shrimp, vegetables, peppers, leafy greens, topped with fresh tomato sauce


MONACO – our interpretation of crème brûlée in a crêpe.

Our artists